Hide and seek is for kids, not your software licenses.

You've spent a small fortune on software. Some came with serial numbers on slips of paper. Some came with a registration code by email. Some came with a username and password. It's all information you'll need if you ever want to re-install the software or transfer it to another computer.

Keeping track of it all is a headache. If your business has multiple computers and multiple users, the problem is even worse--you need to keep track of how many copies of each license you have, which computers are licensed to run which software, and which software is under volume and multi-seat licenses.

Fortunately, there's Keyfiler. Keyfiler is a web-based service that securely stores all of your license information in one place, for easy reference from anywhere in the world. Because Keyfiler is tailored specifically for software, it has features you won't find in a spreadsheet. And because it's hosted on our reliable servers, you don't have to worry about misplacing a serial number or deleting a registration email.

Keyfiler does more. Generate customized reports. Export your license information to handy formats like Microsoft Excel. Manage passwords for your favorite websites.