The King's College

New York, NY

The King's College says that its "Our Core Curriculum is an interdisciplinary, holistic approach to education. It is composed of courses that draw from the classical disciplines—including history, literature, religion, science, and math—alongside the ‘ruling disciplines’ of politics, philosophy, and economics. This Core offers a distinctive PPE-liberal arts education for all of our students, in which we emphasize excellence in the written and spoken word. We believe that students who aspire to influence the key institutions of society for the better need to know the best ideas, the most important arguments, and the most influential traditions. The best way to accomplish this end is by ordering the curriculum in a particular way." [Source]

General Education Requirements

  • 1. Composition

  • 2. Literature

  • 3. Foreign Language

  • 4. U.S. Government or History

  • 5. Economics

  • 6. Mathematics

  • 7. Science


Curriculum last evaluated: 07/03/2018


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