The College of Saint Rose

Albany, NY

The College of St. Rose says, "Education liberates the mind, freeing it from the constraints of unexamined convention and habit. Our faculty envisions a liberating education that develops students skills, knowledge, and perspectives in many contexts, empowering them to critically evaluate and appreciate the full range of human experience. The program of liberal education at The College of Saint Rose is intended to achieve this goal through a broad introduction to knowledge and ways of thinking in the arts, humanities, behavioral and physical sciences and mathematics." [Source]

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  • Undergraduate Enrollment:2,504
  • 4-Year Graduation Rate:46%
  • Tuition & Fees:$31,612 annually

General Education Requirements

  • 1. Composition

  • 2. Literature


    See Note

    No credit given for Literature because the "Artistic Knowledge and Interpretation: Literature" requirement may be satisfied by courses that are not literature surveys.

  • 3. Foreign Language


    See Note

    No credit given for Foreign Language because students may fulfill the requirement with elementary-level study.

  • 4. U.S. Government or History

  • 5. Economics

  • 6. Mathematics


    See Note

    No credit given for Mathematics because the "Mathematics" requirement may be satisfied by courses with little college-level math content.

  • 7. Science


Curriculum last evaluated: 07/31/2017


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