Bloomfield College

Bloomfield , NJ

Bloomfield College says, "Student learning and personal development are the primary goals of undergraduate education. As Student Affairs professionals, we believe that fostering this learning and development is our primary mission and purpose. We are engaged in creating a seamless supportive learning environment in which activities outside the classroom are integrated with the instruction-taking place in the classroom. We seek to strengthen partnerships with students, faculty and academic administrators and outside agencies to help students recognize their talents and use them to attain high levels of measurable learning and personal development. Our objective is to graduate intellectually and socially competent individuals who will attain academic, personal and professional excellence in a multicultural and global society." [Source]

General Education Requirements

  • 1. Composition

  • 2. Literature

  • 3. Foreign Language

  • 4. U.S. Government or History


    See Note

    No credit given for U.S. Government or History because a survey course in American government or history is an option, but not required, to fulfill the "Community Orientation & Citizenship" requirement.

  • 5. Economics

  • 6. Mathematics

  • 7. Science


Curriculum last evaluated: 05/30/2019


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