Nova Southeastern University

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Nova Southeastern says, "The General Education Program is designed to foster critical skills by helping students develop the ability to solve problems, think analytically, and communicate clearly. The program provides a common connection among all NSU undergraduates through a rigorous set of writing; mathematics; arts and humanities; and social, biological, and physical science requirements. As a result of the General Education Program, students develop effective communication skills in speaking, listening, writing, reading, and critical interpretation. The program also helps students place ideas in their proper context and appreciate the role of different cultural traditions." [Source, Pg. 70]

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  • Undergraduate Enrollment:4,497
  • 4-Year Graduation Rate:41%
  • Tuition & Fees (In State):$29,930 annually
  • Tuition & Fees (Out of State):$29,930 annually

General Education Requirements

  • 1. Composition

  • 2. Literature


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    No credit given for Literature because a survey course in literature is an option, but not required, to fulfill the "Composition" and "Arts and Humanities" requirements.

  • 3. Foreign Language


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    No credit given for Foreign Language because language study is only an option in the "Arts and Humanities" requirement.

  • 4. U.S. Government or History


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    No credit given for U.S. Government or History because a survey course in American government or history is an option, but not required, to fulfill the "Arts and Humanities" and "Social and Behavioral Sciences" requirements.

  • 5. Economics


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    No credit given for Economics because a course in economics is an option, but not required, to fulfill the "Social and Behavioral Sciences" requirement.

  • 6. Mathematics

  • 7. Science


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    No credit given for Natural or Physical Science because the "Science" requirement may be satisfied by courses with little science content.

  • General Education Assessment

    Nova Southeastern University uses one or more of the following instruments to assess undergraduate progress in core collegiate skills: the Council on Aid to Education Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA), the Educational Testing Service Proficiency Profile, or the ACT Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency (CAAP). For more information, visit

Curriculum last evaluated: 06/22/2018


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