Illinois Wesleyan University

Bloomington, IL

Illinois Wesleyan University says, "General Education at Illinois Wesleyan University strives to provide a foundation for a liberal education of quality and breadth through a continuously evolving program which fosters intellectual independence, critical thinking, imagination, social awareness, and sensitivity to others." [Source]

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  • Undergraduate Enrollment:1,893
  • 4-Year Graduation Rate:78%
  • Tuition & Fees:$42,490 annually

General Education Requirements

  • 1. Composition

  • 2. Literature


    See Note

    No credit given for Literature because the "Literature" requirement may be satisfied by niche courses or courses that are narrow in scope.

  • 3. Foreign Language

  • 4. U.S. Government or History


    See Note

    No credit given for U.S. Government or History because a survey course in American government or history is an option, but not required, to fulfill the "Cultural and Historical Change" & "Encountering U.S. Diversity" requirements.

  • 5. Economics

  • 6. Mathematics


    See Note

    No credit given for Mathematics because the "Formal Reasoning" requirement may be satisfied by courses with little college-level math content.

  • 7. Science


Curriculum last evaluated: 08/06/2015


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